Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

CSH Bathrooms cookies, like all cookies, are small files that websites put on your computer to help make your visits relevant, easier and faster. Most cookies are essential for websites to work and others remember details about you to give you a better and more enjoyable online experience. For example, a cookie will remember products that you put in your shopping basket, without this cookie, you will have to add those items to your basket every time you visit a different page on that website. So as you can see, cookies are very important in the function of any website. Below we will be talking about the different types of cookies that we use and what they are used for, please read through this information to ensure an understanding of cookies and how they are used.

What Are Essential Cookies?

Essential cookies are what make our website work properly when customers come to buy our products. They help you move from page to page to do the things that you have visited the website for, like shopping. Without these cookies you would have to log into your account every time you visited a different page. To shop at CSH Bathrooms you will need to have cookies enabled because we use cookies to remember what items are in your shopping basket, and without these, you will need to add these items to you basket again every time you move to a different page – making it impossible to purchase anything. Please note that these cookies WILL NOT harm your computer and WILL NOT store any personal information such as your credit card details.

What Do These Cookies Do?

  • Remember what products are in your basket
  • Allow you to checkout and purchase the items in your basket
  • Recognise that you have already signed into a secure area of our website such as the checkout

We have provided this information to you as part of our initiative to comply with the recent laws and legislation. We want to be clear and honest when it comes to your privacy when shopping with CSH Bathrooms we know that you expect nothing less than our best.