Charcoal Black WPC decking woodgrain

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What is Composite Decking made of?

Composite decking is a man-made product made up of mixed wood fibres, plastics and a small amount of bonding agents. This mix is heated, moulded into lengths and then cooled. The resulting boards need far less maintenance than traditional wood decking whilst looking more authentic than plastic alternatives.

What are the Benefits of Composite Decking?

Composite has one large benefit over traditional wood decking, it needs far less maintenance.

The plastic content of the material means that the boards become more durable and resistant to rot, damp and insects. The boards never have to be sealed, stained or painted and even in direct sunlight they won’t warp or crack. They are splinter free with an additional plastic capping, composite decking boards become stain and fade resistant.

The boards have minimal water absorption which means they are highly slip resistant and can be used around pools and wet areas. Due to the increased durability of the boards composite decking has a much longer lifespan than wooden structures, our own range comes with a 15-25 year guarantee, but we would expect them to last much longer.

In short, composite decking continues to look great year after year and has virtually no upkeep costs, it requires far less maintenance than traditional wood decking which means you can spend less time up keeping your space and more time enjoying your garden.

Is Composite Decking Environmentally Friendly?


Thousands of tons of wood and plastics are diverted from landfills and incinerators each year in the composite deck manufacturing process. Because of the use of pre- and post-consumer recycled materials, composite decks are more of an environmentally friendly product for deck building.

Double sided – Slim or medium groove.
Colour Options – Dark Grey, Black and Brown.
150 x 25  x 2900 long for lined
140 x 25 x 2900 long for grooved
Deals available for bulk purchases. in stock




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